Conscious Cooking

While Cafe del Sol’s primary mission is to provide delicious, real Mexican food, we believe that we also have an obligation to serve and support our community. Not only do we provide daily lunches for the students at East Austin College Prep, but all of the proceeds from our restaurant meals and catering services benefit Southwest Key Programs’ East Austin Children’s Promise. We get to make delicious meals every day and enrich lives and strengthen our community in the process. Everyone who eats at our restaurant or uses our catering services at events across Austin gets to join with us on our mission to serve East Austin.

In addition to our ongoing contributions to Southwest Key Programs, we sponsor a monthly fundraising program, where community members can raise financial support for their causes through our kitchen.

Eating is Bonding

At Cafe del Sol, we believe that food can be transformative. Sharing a meal is one of the simplest and oldest ways of connecting with friends, family and newcomers. As kitchen manager Sonia Gallegos puts it, "In the Hispanic culture, food is our bond. It’s how we show love and care for one another. It’s how we can all be together in one room."

The personalities behind our food come from many backgrounds. Working at Cafe Del Sol is an opportunity to overcome language barriers and develop their culinary skills while sharing their culture and experiences with their community.


Café Del Sol’s kitchen and community café is located within Southwest Key Program’s Centro de Familia in East Austin, off of Jain Ln. between Airport and 183.